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s of August, 2017, we have incorporated Orange Noise Production Company, designating Lafayette, Colorado as its primary address.

The Company provides an umbrella under which software developers of varying experience can work on projects, either speculatively or for contracts with third parties. Initially, the work will focus on smart phone apps, since they are popular and require relatively little overhead. Chris Burkhardt has experience in creating apps, including some which have been distributed through Apple's App Store.

The Company is a partnership and is also structured as a cooperative. By emphasizing a collective of members, the Company establishes a more egalitarian, less hierarchical organization. Members may contribute talent (coding and administrative tasks) or capital, or both. The proportion of the contribution counts toward the percentage of the individual’s share in the Company.

Profits will be paid out according to each person’s contribution to a project, as honestly assessed as possible. A percentage of each project will go directly to the contributors and a percentage to the Company (of which the contributors are part owners). Each member of the Company (Core and Junior members alike) has a vote for many company decisions, particularly the projects, which require priorities to be set. A project that results from a contract with a third party naturally rises to a high priority, in addition to speculative projects whose marketability seems imminent.

It is the goal of the Company to work on the most creative and humanly useful projects possible. In the short run, however, third-party contracts will maintain a positive cash flow.

The design of the Company provides as much flexibility to the members as possible. Work will be done remotely for the most part. Hours will vary according to the member’s availability and relevance to a project. Novice programmers will always have a mentor who will, in addition to checking their work, provide as much education as possible through this on-the-job training.

Soon both a Vision document and an Operating Agreement will be available for anyone interested. After their release, we will begin actively looking for additional members as well as apps to build under contract. Whether you would like to support this effort through a formal investment of capital and/or talent, or simply as someone on the sidelines watching our progress, we appreciate your involvement much.

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